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Post Info TOPIC: 2007 cadillac srs code b0092 code description confusion

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Date: Dec 29, 2010
2007 cadillac srs code b0092 code description confusion

2007 cadillac  CTS  vin 1G6DP577270134793  .............

dtc code b0092 launch description  is "SUPPRESSION SENSOR 1  CIRCUIT MALFUNCTION" i getting the wrong code number from  the scan tool or the wrong code  description?

  ........ anyone heard of a SUPPRESSION SENSOR 1 ?????????

Here's what alldata has for a   description ........
"DTC B0092 Passenger Presence System Performance"

also my other question on this same vehicle  has anyone been able to access the passenger presence system (pps) module to retrieve actual codes

... from what i have read the code b0092 is a generic code stating the pps system has a malfunction and needs to be accessed to retrieve codes  as it is a sub system of the srs

here's what alldata has for a procedure to display codes in the pps .....

PPS Displaying Code Procedure

Important: When the sensing and diagnostic module (SDM) starts to communicate with the PPS, the instrument panel cluster (IPC) and dash lights will begin dimming on and off. This is normal operation during this procedure and does not indicate additional system faults.

  1. Empty the front outboard passenger seat.
  2. Install a scan tool.
  3. Turn ON the ignition, with the engine OFF, and wait for the PPS to complete its bulb check function.
  4. With the scan tool, request the passenger presence system (PPS) DTCs. The scan tool will command the SDM to send a message to the PPS, which will initiate the DTC retrieval process. This process will take about 13 seconds .
  5. When the PPS receives a request for DTCs, the PPS will Illuminate both PASSENGER AIR BAG ON and OFF indicators located on the inside rear view mirror for 3 seconds . If the PPS does not turn ON both indicators within 20 seconds of the request for PPS DTCs, then repeat step 4.
  6. After the passenger AIR BAG ON and OFF indicators have illuminated for 3 seconds, cycle the ignition OFF for 3 seconds then turn the ignition back ON.
  7. After the PPS receives this request for data from the SDM, it will transmit the DTC data through the SDM to the scan tool. This data is only accessible for one ignition cycle, do not turn OFF the ignition while displaying PPS DTCs.
  8. The scan tool will then show any current or history DTCs. Refer to the Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) List - Vehicle to diagnose the DTC you have obtained.
  9. ........ has anyone  had any experience  accessing codes from the pps using the launch tool and  the above procedure ??????????????????

    thanks paul

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Date: Dec 30, 2010

I believe that code is for the "Passenger Seat Occupied Recognition Sensor " and it is a part of the seat bottom foam assembly. from the info I got, you need a Tech2 so be able to scan the SDM.

there's a TSB on some GMs (not Caddys) where that code will set if the pass seat gets wet

not much but I hope it helps


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Date: Jan 2, 2011

Usually, with the Tech2, the codes can be read out, or will be flashed via the Pass. Air Bag indicator.  I have never had to do that procedure.

I can tell you that laying laptops, computers and scanners on the passenger seat while running can set codes like that.  I get PPS codes everytime I lay my Tech2 on the passenger seat while running.


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