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Post Info TOPIC: CRP123 Fail to connect / How to update?


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Date: Dec 3, 2013
CRP123 Fail to connect / How to update?

I purchased a crp123 back in May of 2013 when they first came out.

I am in the USA and I have windows 7..

The tool works great but allot of car i am having trouble connecting to. Chevy trucks have never connected. Other connection problems I have are when Im trying to Scan the car. I can connect to the Emmisions section (left option), but the middle one (scan) does not connect. It does on some but not on most.

So because of this I believe I need a update.

I already created an account with dbscar and I registered the CRP123. I downloaded the DBSCAR_SERIES_UPDATE.
That is now on my start screen.

I plugged my sd card in.

I went back to the dbscar and downloaded the other files I needed (all with the exception of the first three, including the DBSCAR...). Anyways I let that finish, it downloaded a zip. I then opened the CRP UPDATE short cut in my windows tab and it opened the download center. I selected all 32 items availiable and hit update.

another small window came up and said "ready to download software, please wait..."

It is stuck there... I don't see the dots moving or anything and my computer is not frozen. Is this supposed to take this long? Did I do something wrong?




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Date: Dec 3, 2013

I looked up the video on youtube and it looks like everything is correct EXCEPT underneath the "ready to download software, please wait..." mine has NO words but the youtube video has words down there. Did I miss something?

Help Please :/



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Date: Jan 30, 2014

CRP129 doesn't need updating just use it as it is.

By trying to update it you will just cause yourself misery & frustrations. These are basic code reader tools with basic software just use them as how they come from the factory.


It if don't work hit it with a large hammer, repeatedly


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Date: Feb 4, 2014

ami me paso lo mismo ,osea que no se actuliza el crp123 como puede ser esto?



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Date: Aug 16, 2015

I recently purchased a CRP123 and got the tool registered successfully and also got the firmware and data downloaded sucessfully onto the tool. I have observed the following issues with the tool when I connect it to my vehicle (Mitsubishi Lancer, Model:CS3, Year of Manufacture: 2002, Country of Manufacture: Japan):

With engine idling in Neutral, and CRP123 Tool connected to the DLC, the following function does not work:

DIAGNOSE: The green communication LED never blinks, as the tool tries all its communication protocols, which report as 'fail, fail' fail ... as the tool tries to communicate with the ECU. After all communication protocols fail, the display says 'Cannot Enter'.
I am therefore unable to use the DIAGNOSE function on the CRP123 Tool.

I then try the SCAN function, and I get options to Read DTC, Clear DTC and Read Datastream from the Engine ECU, the A/T ECU, the SRS ECU, I am able to view the Datastream from the Engine ECU, the A/T ECU and the SRS ECU, but not from the ABS ECU.

I turn ON the RECORD feature and the CRP123 records several snapshots of the Datastream on the display. I use the Review Datastream option to review the recorded data.

I have observed two anomalies with the temperature readings:

AIR TEMP. S = 85 Deg.C : Question: should this be the Engine Coolant Temperature instead of the Inlet Air Temperature?

CLT TEMP.SNSR = 35.04 Deg.C: Question:should this be the Inlet Air Temperature, instead of the Coolant Temperature?

The recorded datastream from the A/T ECU indicates:

OIL TEMP.SNSR = 26.15 Deg. C, which is less than the prevailing ambient temperature of 30 Deg.C.

Also note that when the coolant is at ambient temperature (30 Deg.C) prior to starting the engine, the CLT TEMP.SNSR reading is 2.2 Deg.C, which is unrealistic, as I am located in a tropical climate.

So I have three temperature readings on the CRP123 Datastream which all seem to be incorrect or incorrectly read from the vehicle's ECU.

Please advise what actions should be taken to address these anomalies in the temperature readings, as well as the failure of the CRP123 tool to communicate via the DIAGNOSE function with the Engine ECU.

The communication protocols loaded onto the CRP123 are:

J1850 VPW
J1850 PWM
ISO 15765-4 CAN (11-bit)
ISO 15765-4 CAN (29-bit)
ISO 14230-4 KWP
ISO 14230-4 KWP (5BPS)
ISO 9141

All above protocols indicated 'fail' when "Entering System" dialog box was displayed, soon after the DIAGNOSE function was selected.

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