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Post Info TOPIC: Instructions on Galletto 1260 Setup and ECU Reading


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Date: Jan 27, 2016
Instructions on Galletto 1260 Setup and ECU Reading

Here share my own writeup on both Galletto 1260 setup and ECU reading, and hope it help you much when connect to ECU via Galletto v1260 ecu chip tuning tool.


1. How to set up the Galletto 1260 ECU flasher?


I bought this tool from, which only needs to cost US$17.99 (shipping fee included). Before sending it out, you are recommended to remind the seller of checking it (whether work normally). 


The Galletto 1260 tool requires a stable laptop computer with a good battery. For best results windows XP can be used. When you receive the tool you must first copy the contents of the disc onto your desktop.


Next connect the USB cable to the laptop and allow Windows to automatically install the correct driver. The driver used will be an FTDI driver. If it does not install automatically you may have to go in to: Control panel > Performance and maintenance > System > Hardware > Device manager. In this menu you will be able to select the tool and update the driver.


2. How to do ECU reading?



Before using your Galletto 1260 tool, make sure your laptop has a full battery. If possible run an extension cable down to your car and connect your charger. Ensure there are no other programs running that could cause the computer to crash.

1. Remove the fuse box cover which is beneath the steering wheel. To do this you must turn the clip a quarter turn. A large flat blade screw driver will do the job or your nails if you have strong fingers.

2. Connect the OBD lead to the cars diagnostics port. Connect the USB connector to the laptop computer.

3. Open the program named “New Serial”.

4. Switch on the ignition key to two clicks until the test lights illuminate, don't start the engine. Wait 10 seconds for the lift pump to finish priming.

5. Select Peugeot/Citroen, Bosch EDC 15 C2 29f400BT.

6. Select ECU data. You will then see a code such as 0281010362. This indicates that the tool has connected to the ECU successfully.

7. Now select read data. You can then name and save the ECU data. The file format should be .bin (e.g. steve-lewis-original.bin)

8. When reading is complete wait for the message (which is in a different language, but tells you to switch off the ignition and wait for ten seconds) and follow the instructions: Switch off the ignition and then click ok. Wait ten seconds, then switch on the ignition and click on ok.

9. You should now have a copy of your original ECU data file on your laptop.

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